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Featured Executive

Kenneth Watterworth of Westport, CT

Kenneth Watterworth is an experienced business owner and founder of Pro-Tect Inc, a fireproofing contractor in Waterbury, Connecticut. With experience managing teams and multi-million-dollar projects, Ken has built and sold several companies.


Ken graduated from Boston College in 1975. His focus was on business administration with a minor in finance. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.


His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action contributed to starting his first company Ken Watterworth Inc. in 1977. 

From 1977 to 2015, Kenneth Watterworth Inc. was an established commercial painting business. Ken Watterworth Inc. served Waterford, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas. They assisted with a number of commercial building projects. Ken discovered a new problem by spending time at new construction sites.

Kenneth founded Pro-Tect Inc. in 1991 as a commercial fireproofing contractor for structural steel buildings. Kenneth Watterworth Inc. was pleased to have this company as a partner in new construction projects. They are licensed fireproofing professionals for Cafco and Monokote as well as Albi. Kenneth implemented strategic project management techniques and ensured a work-life balance in his department, greatly increasing productivity.

After 38 years of business, Ken Watterworth Inc. ceased to exist in 2015 and refocused its efforts on fireproofing. Pro-Tech Inc. grew to be the largest Connecticut fireproofing contractor thanks to this extra attention. Ken believes that a healthy work/life balance will be the key to his success. This mentality has enabled him to create multiple successful businesses over his career.

Source: Kenneth Watterworth Westport